Requirements negotiation for engineers

Requirements in software engineering are a living thing. As we develop the software or as the software is used in day to day business, new perspectives are revealed that require us to adjust the original requirements. As the requirements change, so does the planning of the software and this often causes friction between the stakeholders… Continue reading

Common interview mistakes I encounter

As a hiring manager, I have interviewed hundreds of candidates so far. The more I talk to candidates, the more I start realizing, some of the mistakes are common between candidates and I wanted to share them with you, hoping it helps you to prepare better for your next challenge. Before I move into the… Continue reading

Moving from Scrum to Kanban

In most of my 15 years in Software Development, I’ve mainly been part of development teams which were practicing Scrum methodology. Although we have always aimed to do it right, somehow the organizational culture and operations methodology influences how Scrum was implemented in these teams. Recently, in my current team we decided to actually move… Continue reading

Measuring the temperature of the team

We are at the time that software development is such a crucial part of the business that almost everyone is lost on the river of “feature delivery” in such a way that we even forget that we have to stop and pay attention how our teams are functioning and how is our team dynamics. The… Continue reading

Supporting the professional growth of the team

As an Engineering Manager I take the personal and professional growth of my direct reports very seriously. It is one of my core duties to make sure that, in my capacity, I have enabled them to learn continuously and advance their professional and soft skills. In this blog post I will share with you my… Continue reading

Are Azure Certifications Valuable?

It has been years since I stopped taking certification exams and lately I decided to get back to that adventure. In September 2020 I passed exams to be recognised as Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Before and after passing the exam, I asked myself the question which I have seen many people ask as… Continue reading

Kubernetes basic questions answered

when getting started with Kubernetes, it can be a daunting task at first to get a grasp of the basic concepts which will allow you to move forward with it. I would like to try to answer some basic questions about Kubernetes, some of which I was having in my mind when I first started… Continue reading

My language learning framework

The most important lesson that I have learned in my career of almost 15 years in software development is that programming languages are just tools to solve real life or business problems. About 5 years ago I was doing full time .NET, then I jumped to Java for about two years, then I switched to… Continue reading