My impression of DevOpsCon 2017 Berlin

Lately I have developed interest on devops. From time to time I try to learn about the new possibilities to automate and optimize my software delivery process, and I find quite exciting to learn about what devops offers today.  I think all developers should at least know a little bit about system administration and devops… Continue reading

Backup your database

Creating regular backup of your database is one of the tasks that can be very easily accomplished but is quite often neglected until the minute you face the first disaster. Backup solutions can be of very complex types which you might engineer to simple ones like copy and pasting. Depending on your application, the necessity for… Continue reading

ElasticSearch – Getting started

Context A few weeks ago, our team decided to use ElasticSearch for the search functionality of the project we are implementing. I had no previous experience implementing any search engines, so I got excited to get my hands onto doing something really new. What I am going to describe you here is the process I… Continue reading

Blogging resumed

It’s been quite a while not writing any blog posts. Last 18 months have been very very busy for me and my family. We moved to Germany, switched jobs, switched programming languages and dev environment, had to learn German, and all these left simply no time to blogging. Now that things are almost settled, it’s time… Continue reading