My impressions on 70-480 certification

In my last post, I gave some details about the Microsoft’s campaign on 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 certification. As many out there, I decided to benefit from this offer as well as challenge my knowledge a little, and took the test today. Fortunately, I did pass the certification. In this post, I would like to share with you my impressions on 70-480 certification exam.

This certification was recently introduced by Microsoft, with the new MCSD line of certifications. It counts as a credit towards two MCSD lines: Web applications and Windows Store Apps using HTML5. As such, it is an important exam for those who do want to certify their knolwedge in Web front end development as well as developing windows HTML5 apps using JavaScript and CSS3.

The title of the exam, and the skills measured might make you think, this is a pure Web Development certification, and might disorient your expectations, as it did to me :). I also had another miscalculation. As I have several years of experience in web development, I thought that there is no need to learn much about this. But, there was a difference between what I use daily and what I was going to be tested on.

One of the two main topics on questions I faced (which counted more than 10% of total questions) were about making AJAX requests, and manipulating DOM. On my daily job, I use jQuery to perform these tasks, and rarely touch pure JavaScript functions to do this. As the exam was to cover the web path as well as Windows store app development path, questions were generic, without using libraries such as jQuery. This was a part, I did not take care much, however, now that I passed the exam, I learned a lot about this part too, and this is the benefit of getting certified.

Apart of these details, the questions in the test, were mainly focused on data validation, making client side requests to WCF web services, manipulating DOM, creating and using Web Workers, inheritance in JavaScript, layout formating using CSS3, and new HTML5 elements.

So, my advice to those preparing for the test: prepare to be tested on pure JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Forget about libraries you use on your daily programming. Good luck.

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  1. After Hours Programming

    Do you think the certification really tests your knowledge, or is it just another hoop to jump through for no good reason? I think the majority of the tests out there are somewhat worthless and way too focused on particular topics.

    1. Arian

      Well, it does test a perspective in front end development. I see certificates as driver licenses. One might be an excellent driver, but when police stops one, he asks for the license. So, in general, it is worthy to prepare for it and pass. This will equip one with detailed knowledge on html, css and javascript, and at the end, there is a certificate which backs your knowledge.

      1. Pablo

        Hi Arian, thanks for sharing your experience taking the exam, one question, what material did you as baseline to prepare the exam? thanks!

  2. rickpack

    I agree with your comments about the exam. I failed yesterday, which was fair given my limited background and study, especially with JavaScript. Speaking of JavaScript, I think it’s safe to say “prototype” appeared multiple times and I had no idea what that meant. Your site will help me pass and I appreciate your work. I’m curious as I consider all of the effort you put into this site – has it assisted you with networking?

    1. Arian

      Sorry to hear that Rick. I hope next time will be successful for you. Yes, prototype is an important topic of JavaScript which is highly important for the certification.
      About networking, sure, it helps a lot.

  3. Aditi

    I know basic of html,css, javascript but I don’t have any experience. I am trying to get job as a front end developer. Would this certification is good for me?

    1. arian

      In my opinion, certification by itself doesn’t guarantee anything, but certainly, the skills you learn by preparing for the exam will help you to get a job. It is very good for front-end devs.

    1. arian

      Hi Satyam,

      unfortunately, it is to hard to tell. If you do only this exam, personally I think it won’t help you much. The idea is to follow the full set of exams in that path and become a professional developer, and that I think helps your resume.

      Nevertheless, it is mostly dependent on the market you are competing. You should check if your potential employers value these certificates or not.


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