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It’s been quite a while not writing any blog posts. Last 18 months have been very very busy for me and my family. We moved to Germany, switched jobs, switched programming languages and dev environment, had to learn German, and all these left simply no time to blogging. Now that things are almost settled, it’s time to continue blogging. I already feel very very excited about this.

What exactly do I mean by resuming? Well, the title of this blog is “A developer’s experience”. My idea about this blog when I started it was to have a place where I can write about little things that I deal with in my everyday development. It was about tips and tricks on solving different programming problems, sharing my experience with fellow developers, and somehow, have an idea how my experience is evolving as well as have a place to reference for things I forget. I must admit, not much has changed from that vision. However, what has changed is the tools and tech that I use.

A little bit of context. I am doing software development for 14 years, and throughout this time, if there is one thing that I have understood is that programming languages are tools to solve problems, and there is nothing religious about it. I started my programming career doing Java, then I did a little bit of PHP and spent quite some years doing C# on Microsoft .NET. After that, I went back to Java for a short 1.5 years and then moved to Ruby.

When I started my blog, I used to write about web development and ASP.NET as that was my main focus at that point. While I will continue to write about web development, I will not continue writing about ASP.NET. Currently I am more focused on web development using Ruby on Rails, cloud deployment, and improving developer processes. I have also developed quite some interest on DevOps and on my free time I try to learn more about it, so you might expect some DevOps related posts as well. I understand that shifting focus might make this blog uninteresting for some of you, but I also reckon that during last 18 months I learned a lot about software development in general, not only from the technical perspective but also from the social perspective and I will have a lot of valuable things to share.

I am so excited about it and I hope it will be of value to you out there. If you do not want to miss my posts and receive them in your inbox, please subscribe.

Happy reading

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